Making Workplace Tension Productive!™



Empowered Inclusion Approach

Empowered Inclusion provides clients with the training and skills to “make workplace tension productive’”. Our unique combination of Diversity, Empowerment, and Work-Life Integration provides a whole-person approach to personal and group outcomes.

  • Founder and President, Darrell Butler, with 25+ years of experience in DEI
  • A network of consultants and trainers to assist any size organization
  • Clients include private, government, and educational institutions
  • Training and planning at all leadership and employee levels
  • Development & sustainability of diversity councils & employee resource groups
  • Proven implementation using our Leading by Leveraging Diversity™ (LLD) strategic framework


  • Leadership DE&I
  • Diversity Council/ ERG Orientation
  • Diversity Council/ ERG Planning
  • Speak. Listen. Act.


  • Respecting Differences for Cultural Competence
  • Conscious Conversations
  • Race Rap: Racism & Anti-Racism
  • Empowerment: Personal Performance Breakthrough
  • Work-Life Integration

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  • Core Identities Intro to Respecting Differences
  • Harnessing Change Through Empowered Inclusion
  • Work-Life-Service Impact
  • Building the Dash: A Personal Journey

2023 Update

New Year, New Name!
After 21 years, Butler Consulting Group – BC Innovations, is now

Empowered Inclusion

Come back soon for more updates!