Tick Tock…Who Broke the Clock: The Power of Work-Life Integration®

Work-Life Integration® is living your most important life activities, in a timely manner, without regard to whether it is personal or professional. It is a radically different approach to achieving the quality and balance we desire in a 24/7 world. The essence of this approach is the realization that work and personal responsibilities cannot be conveniently separated, in practice. A basic premise of this paradigm is “don’t attempt to manage time, learn to manage your most important activities.”

Identifying your most important activities requires knowing your innermost values. One can then gain “quality of life” by designing routine activities to fit more congruently with one’s values. Of course there are barriers that you must identify and overcome to put your work-life plan into action.

This speaker series, developed by Innovations International, Inc., provides an overview of individual techniques to solve the work-life balance equation. The overall objective of the interactive presentation is to identify a major breakthrough for the participant to achieve greater quality, balance, and productivity in both their personal and professional life.