From Conflict to Collaboration

Conflict or “diversity tension” comes in many forms and is more common than desired among work teams. Achieving high performance requires working through this tension and utilizing strategies for collaborative teaming.

Part one of this learning series provides an overview of individual skills needed for building productive relations with coworkers, clients, patients, and community members. Part two addresses a common teaming paradox and navigates the participants to devise personal actions to take advantage of both individual effort and collaboration with others.

Benefits of such collaborative teaming include

  • Quality customer service
  • Exceptional workplace and business performance
  • The overall well-being of employees
  • Community outreach and participation

The overall objectives of the learning series are to:

  1. Identify differences in others that are sometimes personally challenging.
  2. Explore options for responding more effectively to diversity tension.
  3. Discover and resolve challenges to create higher team performance through collaboration.
  4. Devise specific leadership actions to work more productively as teams.