• Darrell Butler on Cultural Competence
  • "Ask the Expert" Interview: Diversity
  • "Ask the Expert" Interview: Work-Life Balance
  • "Ask the Expert" Interview: Empowerment



  • Making workplace tension PRODUCTIVE
  • Changing Conflict to Collaborate
  • Leading by Leveraging Diversity


Work-Life Balance

  • Breaking the Myth of time management
  • Breaking the myth of work & personal life separation
  • Solving the chaos of not living the life you want


Personal Empowerment

  • Making FEAR your ally
  • Identifying the benefits of being treated unFAIRly
  • Freeing your mind to follow success

Making Workplace Tension Productive!™

groupBy working with BC Innovations, sustained, improved business results are achieved through effective diversity management, personal empowerment, and quantum leadership. Our clients choose from customized training seminars, speaker series, strategic consulting services and online resources to build high performing work environments.

Our results-oriented approach helps organizations achieve the following objectives:

  • Realize a workplace of inclusive, productive teams.
  • Experience people contributing to their full potential.
  • Achieve work-life quality.
  • Lead through creativity and collaboration.